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Hírkategória: Általános
  • 4th World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL & 8th International Breast Surgery Workshop (Houston, Texas, September 30 – October 1 2022)
    [2022.03.08.] - MPHEST - Hírkategória: Általános
    We are pleased to announce the 8th International Breast Surgery Workshop and 4th World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL joint meetings to be hosted by MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston on September 30 – October 1 2022, it will be held in person at the Texas Medical Center Intercontinental Hotel, a Four Diamond Award property, and broadcasted in live streaming which we expect to be seen by around 8.000 attendees worldwide.

    Many of the world’s leading experts will gather to address both innovations and controversies in the fields of breast plastic surgery and BIA-ALCL. This meeting is set apart by a focus on peer reviewed data and a high level of academic rigor, with over 62 confirmed international faculty and an anticipated combined H-index of 1,618.

    The program will start on Friday September 30 2022 with the 8th International Breast Surgery Workshop, and will cover the most current breast reconstruction techniques involving implants and autologous fat transfer. The second session will highlight the state of the art in autologous tissues in breast reconstruction, including microsurgical DIEP, SIEA, PAP, and fat transfer. The evening sessions will cover advanced lymphedema techniques, oncoplasty and mastopexy strategies to improve shape and position with and without the aid of ADM.

    Saturday October 1 2022, will begin with a session focused on Aesthetic Breast augmentation. The panels will then transition to the 4th World Consensus Conference on BIA-ALCL. The first session will address the latest data on hot topics such as epidemiology, prevention and pathogenesis of BIA-ALCL. The evening program will continue with a session on evidence based approach to diagnosis and management protocols as well a session with patients’ advocates and specialists that will explore the socio-psychological aspects of the disease.

    Finally, a large panel of International Regulatory Authorities will discuss in a round table best practice recommendations and device tracking initiatives.

    We strongly recommend that trade companies dealing with medications, equipment, instruments and other medical products related to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast, Lymphedema, Breast Cancer Surgery, and Oncology should not miss this unique opportunity to showcase their products. Your generous contribution will be a key factor to the success of Conference and your kind participation will enhance the overall scientific importance of the Meeting.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mark W. Clemens & Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo

    Click here to register

    More details on the website: https://ibsw.it/


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