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International Perforator Flap Dissection Course
Rendezvény kezdete: 2022.09.09.Rendezvény vége: 2022.09.13.
Helyszín: Czech Republik, Brno,
A rendezvény Web oldala: https://www.dissectioncourse.org/

Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

We are kindly inviting you and your colleagues to the International Perforator Flap Dissection Course which will take place in Brno, Czech Republic, on September 9-13, 2022.

We are delighted to inform you that this year the course will be hosted by four superstars of our speciality - Dr. J.P. Hong, Dr. G.G. Hallock (USA), Dr. J. Macia (ES) and Dr. E. Cigna (ITA). This will be a rare opportunity to make our minds influenced by a magic spirit of pioneers, who shift significantly the borders of microsurgeons' possibilities to help those who need us. Experiences from meeting these giants can be strongly influential especially for younger colleagues. 

Compared to the last year's successful course hosted by Dr. J.P. Hong and Dr. P. Berrino, this year the course has been expanded so that it now includes live surgeries section as well as workshop on preoperative diagnostics at Masaryk University simulation centre, where participants will be guided by experienced lecturers to map the vascular supply to the flaps using colour duplex sonography on live models and also Angio-CT in selected clinically relevant cases.

This dissection course has been designed to address the needs of the residents in plastic surgery who wish to learn flap dissection as well as more experienced plastic surgeons who wish to extend their repertoire of flap surgeries. All of our exceptional guests will be present in anatomical lab and participate in the teaching process in person! The course will be held at the University Centre for Surgical Anatomy providing fresh-frozen cadaver specimens enhanced by an advanced technique of coloured silicone vascular injections emphasizing the vascular anatomy of the flaps and facilitating dissection. A hands-on approach will be used with no more than two participants per cadaver specimenWe still have limited spaces left for hands-on participation.

This course will be followed by a day of lectures. The audience will have an exceptional opportunity to learn from the world leaders mentioned above. We anticipate their key note lectures, which will provide us with extraordinary educational experience. The lecture day will also provide space for nearly 30 presenters in free papers category. The best free paper and the most difficult case with the best microsurgical reconstruction solution will receive an award equal to 50% of the registration fee.

The last day of the program will be spent at the Simulation Center of Masaryk University where participants will have an opportunity to examine vascular anatomy of perforator flaps by means of colour duplex ultrasound devices on live models and also examine perforators on CTA in selected clinically relevant cases and compare their position in the Anatomage table (3D Anatomy & Virtual Dissection Platform). 

In the same day, our experts will perform selected surgeries, which will be streamed to the Simulation Centre of Masaryk University. Simultaneously, participants will have an opportunity to follow and discuss with the surgeons during the live surgeries. 

Please, don't hesitate to share this with your colleagues and residents. 

We are looking forward to meeting you in Brno and we believe you will acquire new ideas and skills from inspirational mentors, share your experience and make new friends. 

Welcome to the International Perforator Flap Dissection Course in Brno.


Course Chairman 


July 15, 2022                   Abstract submission deadline
July 30, 2022                    Notification of abstract acceptance

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